Saturday, April 28, 2007

M.A.K.K 8

"The Apex of Knightly Kudos". that was this year's MAKK tagline...they said it is heroic to win my humble opinion, i am agree with it depends on how much effort you put to it. this year's MAKK was again held at Syuen Hotel Ipoh, the same ballroom but with less table. less table means less grand. i heard a lot of managerial problems within the committee. lack of sponsors are one of the main reason why we have to pay more. even the committee have to pay a lot for the event t-shirt (not a quality one for RM20??). one more, the girl at the registration counter was not smiling at all...with face full of stress and look so grumpy...later on i heard that they were short of table...haih~ how can they afford to do such silly mistake in a big event like MAKK??? again, managerial problems... its not they begin their work late. i think they have ample time to prepare all those stuffs and yet this is the 8th time MAKK was held. matured enough to learn from previous mistakes or maybe they were not learning at all???perhaps....its not that i want to blame, but i just cannot accept such minor mistakes in this very big event. the emcees were dull. they were talking to themselves dull. event the officiating gimmick was suck... BORING~ i can see the stress face on the event director when he delivered his speech. kesian dia~huhuhuhuhu.....

from the food point of view, it was really superb. 7 dishes served one by one...Chinese style,so very delicious...
  1. 4 cold and hot platter.
  2. tom yam soup
  3. sesame chicken
  4. braised beancurd, mushroom and broccoli
  5. deep fried garoupa fish (picture)
  6. fried rice with salted fish n dried shrimp
  7. longan and red jelly cocktail
wahahaha...memang sedap dan mengenyangkan sekali. luckily that night my table on seated by 8 persons. so, two more extra dishes. pundak and i didn't give any chance to eat all the food served (first time i saw pundak surrendered...amazing!!). besides pundak and i, the other table members are fasyan n his date ezyan, salman n his date sherry and also puyeng with his girlfriend date???it was pundak...ahahahahaha....giler ghey~

and to add more spice to that night event, my house, V3e-S1 won the best house amazingly amazing...agagaga...i know we deserve to win...wanna noe why?? we put all effort and money to decorate the house for our own good...and the result, a cozier house and an award. not bad what??? wakakakaka~
winning trophy and certificate

members of V3E-S1 puyeng, alip and I

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

mari menSASAUkan diri

SASAU is a theater play written by Late Hashim Yassin,a national is a story on conflicts between writer and artist. both of them (Dima the artist and Mura Apandi the writer) wanted to prove that each of them is a better person,in a better path... Dima claimed that his drawing could give more photographic view of the message that he wants to convey...however, Mura said that a drawing without proper "writing"(description) could lead to misinterpretation of the drawing itself. Dima also blame Mura Apandi for writing exaggeratedly and abusing the readers' emotions. Dima ended up killing Mura Apandi and his GF Salina...huhuhuhu...

uwahhhhh!!!!heavy eh??? for theater lover, the storyline might be normal but for the newbies,it maybe hard to understand at first...a lot of technical techniques were used during the performance...the musics and the colour of lights indicates the mood of the scene..although there were some misqueue (lights and musics), the technical team (MEDTECH and Nuzul) did a great job not to make it too to them...Hehehehe~

I did play some role in this theater...i am Dato' Kasman (Dato' K for short) father of Salina... not a very big role but in theater,everybody that involves play their own BIG ROLE...ehehe... i still dont have the pictures of yesterday's show...i'll upload it once available....

Monday, April 23, 2007


"dari dewan serbaguna UTP,oleh TRONOH TEATER SHOP, dipersembahkan ASYLUM 50!!!!" *clap,clap,clap*

frankly speaking, ASYLUM 50 is the 1st theater that i watched in UTP. script wise, superb!! very slapstick... credit to Doc Shark for his wisdom to write such script. a script that is very updated with current issues...rise in toll fare, petroleum price, bribery, poverty, corruption among VIPs and authority...the list goes on.

however, in my humble opinion this play should improve more on technical aspects. the audio really need to improve. the queue for the music wasn't right...the lighting also need to improve a lot.maybe today some of the lights were not working for some technical reason (lampu meletup time rehearsal smlm...uhhh).

well...overall performance tonight was OK...the actors n actress really show their talent... a round of applause to aini, pacel, pot, zul, ucop, khairil, din and everybody that i may forget to mention their names.

and tomorrow all prepared for SASAU!!!!


p/s: picture is courtesy of JAZLIN ERNIDA... tq~

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Ayah!!

today, 22nd april 2007 is my AYAH 44th sad because i cannot go back home because i have a lot of things to settle here in UTP...

i did call him at 12am,during my theater rehearsal...(sempat lagik cilok tuh). my sisters at home did arrange something for him i guess...we give him a shirt for his birthday..i dunno how much it cost (have to ask amy after this).

from what i heard, they went for MAKAN² at THE DEVIL'S CRAB...UWAHHH...bestnya~

mama & ayah

1st Post in Blogspot....


not my 1st time blogging bcoz i used to blog in Friendster Blog before...why am i attracted to use Blogspot???maybe bcoz it is fully customizable and more attractive..ahahaha...looking forward to update my blog from time to time...if i have the time of coz...quite busy with a lot of stuffs..