Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lokin - Bowling- Tasik Raban

Pagi tadi, seawal jam 6.45 pagi gerombolan Kuda Laut + Nuya + Nami bergerak ke Pasar Lokin di Ipoh

Ape yang menarik sangat Pasar Lokin ni sampai Kuda Laut semua bergerak dari awal pagi lagi??

I can say that this Pasar Lokin is a heaven for collectors

They have a wide range of antique and vintage stuffs

Vinyl with its turntable

Old cameras


Collection of stamps, currency notes and coins

Not just that

They also sell used goods such as power tools

Mobile phones (some of it are brand new model at a very knocked down price)

Some of my friends has already got some decent stuffs from Lokin

Cross hatch lens for only RM15

Canon 300D complete set with flashlight at RM400

Of course the stuffs were not always available

Wait for your lucky day

And another tip...your eye must be sharp and kena rajin sket menggeledah barang2

Pasar Lokin is located accross Gerbang Malam in Ipoh and available every Sunday morning

A stall at Lokin (macam car-boot sale kat Stadium Shah Alam)

After Lokin, we went to Ipoh Parade to kill some time

At 10am, shops there were barely opened or just opened

We decided to play bowling and my team (Fasyan n Nabil) won despite me scroing the lowest score....hahahaha

The other team (Puyeng, Toyek and Mang) were left trailing by 20 pins despite leading in the earlier frame

We left Ipoh Parade around noon and headed straight to Tasik Raban

Not the Tasik Raban in Lenggong but Restoran Tasik Raban near Stadium Indera Mulia in Ipoh

They have a wide spread of lauks which make it impossible for you to taste all the lauks with only 2-3 visits

Their cooking taste delicious at a quite reasonable price tag

If you are happened to be in Ipoh and looking for a nice place to have a lunch, head straight to Restoran Tasik Raban

Google for direction to Stadium Indera Mulia and I believe you are en route to the restaurant

Some of the lauks at Restoran Tasik Raban

Not much pictures for today because somebody forgot to bring his memory card despite carrying a huge camera bag...hahaha (you know who you are)

Farewell BBQ & Black Magic....

Today we had a Farewell BBQ specially for graduating Chemical Engineering students

We had fun eating and playing kotak beracun

It was fun looking at our friends doing their "denda" after their name being picked from the box

The food tonite was great

We had:

Bihun goreng
Air sirap limau

Nama pun BBQ, mestilaa ade api

It was a great moment

After years together

I dont know how to describe it




The CHEMYlians

Our tangga moment
(you wouldn't believe on how long we spend on this stair)

There are more pictures actually

I will upload it later on or maybe you can just go to my Facebook

Some of us went to mamak for lepak

What interesting is, Ah Chai and Hanaa taught me Black Magic

Not the Mona Fendi black magic...don't get me wrong

Its a fun game

Whats more fun is, I figured it out myself


I'll show you if you want to...later...

That's all for now i guess~

p/s: thanks to those who organize this memorable

Monday, May 18, 2009


Industrial Effluent Engineering was my last paper

At last, after almost 17++ years...

It's just a new beginning

A new chapter of your life

NEXT: FYP presentation

NEXT: ????

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today is my 2nd subject



Engineers In Society


Jurutera KACAK dalam Masyarakat

its all about ethics, conducts, management, improvement...and so on

Contoh jurutera-jurutera kacak

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The D-Day

The D-day is today

with Air Pollution Engineering

our objective is:
to pollute the air, safely though...hahaha

gambar tiada kaitan dengan mana2 individu

I hope I'll do my bestest


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Luck ALL...

This is most probably my last time ever to wish all UTPians


for the final exams

Do strive for our best

For those who are in their final semester, I would also love to wish you all the very best for your future undertakings

It was GREAT knowing all of you

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mama
Thanks 4 Everything

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tahniah Anda Berdua!!!!

Rasa masih belom terlambat lagi nak ucap tahniah kepada Juwe dan Copot atas pertunangan mereka tempoh hari

A milestone for our batch

The 1st pertunangan

After5 years we finished schooling

Lambat jugak progress budak-budak SMSS ni ye?

Harap lepas ni ramai lagi yang follow...hehe

From left: Aifaa, Mazuin, Copot, Yan and Jai (sume dah xsingle okayh..jgn menggatal nk tackle)

Copot and Juwe

Sorry for not congratulating you guys earlier

Harap akan terus berbahagia

Nikah pasni jangan lupa jemput ye

p/s: gambar sedut dari FB copot aje...hahaha...thnx~

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is it Too DIFFICULT??? a.k.a Susah Sangat KE???

Screenshot from Encik Jobstreet

Pay attention to the text in the red box

Then, take a look at the specializations pointed by the arrows

Environmental & Chemical engineering

Then, try to compare with other specialization in the red box

YESSSS my friends

Abundant of applicants yet too little spots to be filled

What should I do next??

GOD... please...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Satu per Satu Terlerai

Satu per satu beban ni terlerai

Bahu ni rasa ringan sket

Last Isnin submit individual report Plant Design Project

Designing the equipments was really torturing

Thanx god it has over

Last Khamis pulak submit Final Report utk my FYP

Walaupun exams in a week time (the last obstacle)

Rasa mcm dah grad dah sebab dua beban tu dah fly away


1. Test industrial effluents
2. 3 final exam paper
3. FYP final presentation

p/s: sket lagi...keep moving forward!!!