Thursday, February 9, 2012

We'll Miss You Zeta

We found Zeta at SACC Mall Parking Area
It was 5th April 2011
We were about to go back home when Eela saw a kitten walking towards us
With Mama's consent, we brought her back
She was calm on Eela's lap in the car
Enjoying the lights and the ride perhaps

The other cats were furious when they know we brought back another kitty to the house
Bobby was hostile, but no harm was done
Everybody else was furious as well, shrieking like nobody's business
Zorro (still Lolita at that time) was hiding behind the sliding door panel

The 1st ever picture of Zeta, right after she arrived

Who would have thought that she was a heaven-sent for Zorro
Zorro at that time was so aggressive towards human
The arrival of Zeta changed him a lot
Towards a more loving cat
Zorro loves Zeta so much

On the ironing board - her favorite spot
Zeta was different
She loves rice, spaghetti and things like that
She didn't enjoy cat food that much
A very persistent cat
Will meow like crazy until we feed her with her favorite food
And she's a permanent diner on our dining table
Will always "company" us when we were having our meal

Zeta with Zorro - before Raya Qurban 2011
Mama loves Zeta so much
Not that she doesn't love other cats but she tends to follow what Zeta wanted
We used to say that Mama's nose moved like Zeta's
How hilarious!

Zeta also gave birth to 6 kitties whom all didn't last long
They were sick and Zeta was also not well shortly after she gave birth
The kitties died one by one

A few days ago Zeta was having a fever
We brought her to the vet and the doctor thought she's having viral fever
However the test was negative
A jab was given and she was due for follow-up today
The vet admitted her to the ward because she was so weak
Few hours after that Mama received a call that Zeta has passed
I was waiting for my turn to see my boss at that time
Luckily I have to wait long enough so that he didn't notice how sad I feel that time

Zorro lost a companion
And we lost a lovely cat
Zeta, we'll miss you!

Zeta in Memory - RIP 9 Feb 2012