Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sometimes...Something different....

another secret is about to be revealed...

mungkin ramai yg xtau

selain fotografi, saya juga cenderung terhadap muzik

"music is life" bukan???

i've tried to do some composing

but, my writing sux BIG time

so i need help from peeps who is good at writing

this song titled BRAND NEW DAY is written by my lil'sis Amy and her friend Dyra

p/s: songwriting,mixing and stuffs are very leceh and its a longggggggg process.... expect less product from the busy me..hahahaha

by : Dyra and Amy

i found out who you are today
all your promises really shouldn't be made
trust in you is what i can't do
had it baby but you abused it
does it make you look back, too late
i'm already on my track
so i guess i found you today
also had my heart broken but its okay

i'm starting over new
anytime now as i get over you
wanted to stay longer but we're not getting any stronger
and the pain that you gave me
will cost you more than just a sorry
so now's the time to pave my way
coz this is the beginning of my brand new day

i found out that i'm left behind
said u wanted me but she's the one who's in your heart
your words are insatiable
and they won't make me tremble
i just won't cry anymore
maybe we've faded through time
so i guess you left me behind
got my heart broken in two but i'm fine

is she really worth all of this
can deny all those times that i miss
were you really sad when you said i'm leaving
how long did you take to forget
have i been erased from your life yet
was it easy for you to leave everything

i'm starting over new
anytime now as i get over you
wanted to stay longer but we're not getting any stronger
and the pain that you gave me
will cost you more than just a sorry
so now's the time to pave my way
coz this is the beginning of my brand new day

i've started over new
didn't take long for me to get over you
it could never be forever but now it doesn't really matter
cause i'm jaded and done with you
don't you dare say you have no clue
so now's the time to pave my way
i've already began my brand new day

c&c are appreciated!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


aku, satu ketika dahulu mengamalkan heavy editing dalam setiap foto yg ku ambil.

satu hari aku fikirkan yang fotografi conventional adalah lebih mencabar.

setiap komposisi adalah asli dan kita akan berusaha utk dapat yg terbaik.

aku jatuh cinta.

tapi itu bkn bermakna aku tinggalkan heavy editing teros.

hanya kurangkan sedikit.


aku terfikir utk mengimbangkan sekaligus kedua²nya.

bukan apa, aku dapati heavy edited picture ni ada UMMPH nye tersendiri.

aku teruja...kepada kedua²nya...

aku mahu seiring dan sejalan, selagi diri ini mampu....

aku baru bermula kembali, jadi hny sedikit hasil seni yg aku mampu buat.

itupun jika kalian mahu panggil itu hasil seni...

aku xkesah....

hutang tag aku masih blom berbayar...demmm.....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mengeTAG season... (^_^)v

masing² menjalankan aktiviti tag...

so far ni aku telah di tag oleh sherry, pundak dan fasyan (aku di tag kerana aku pembaca setia)

walhal, aku masih blom mempunyai masa utk mewarkahkan balasan tag2 tersebut....

kita tunggu nanti hari ianya tiba....

Hot Work

semangat ku membara bagai percikan api utk menyiapkan repot yg byk!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Rose Test

The Rose Test is a test to test the loyalty of your couple (particularly the girl checking on her bf laa).

I heard about the test over Malaysia's No.1 Hit Station by the super duper crazy dudes, Rudy & JJ the Morning Crew.

I could never bored listening to them.

Always being fresh and lively...(at least i got company when driving to work every morning).

OK, back to the test....

Around 0750 there's one girl called to check on her boyfriend...

Lets read their conversations......:

Liza (L): Halo morning crew...
Morning Crew (MC): Halo...who's speaking???
L: Liza see i've been goin out with this guy for 3 years now and i would like to take the rose test.
MC: 3years??wow...what's the guy's name??
L: His name is rashid and i know he'll definitely say my name....(overconfident) His number is...


Rashid(R): hello...
MC: hello...can i speak to rashid plzz??
R: yeah, rashid speaking....
MC: hye rashid...its JJ and Rudy from
R: oowhh..yeah...hi..halo2...wassup?? (excited and nervous bcoz a radio station called)
MC: you see here rashid...a friend of yours nominated your name in our database and won you a bouquet of roses.
R: wow!!dats cool...
MC:so, we are just wondering do you have someone special for you to give the roses...?
R:hurmmm..let see..someone special...i need to think of it first... many aaahh??
(liza is pounding and can feel the heat)
R:ok...i think i would like to give it to MIA...
MC:who is it??Liza??
R:its Mia..Mia...
L:hello, who's mia???
R:???...who's dat??
L:hye you remember me???(sarcastically)
R:who's dat??stacey?? (at this moment liza was like WTF???now who's stacey??)
L:we've been together for 3 years and you dont even remember me???who's that Mia...Stacey??
R:ouhh..liza...hye (dah start menggelabah) Mia is my cousin...
L:i think i've met all your family for this 3 years and i never accross a cousin called MIA...
R:aaa....ermmm....she's just got back from UK and i thought its a good gesture if i present her the roses...'ve been a jerk all this are a f***ing liar...(she hung up)
R:hallo..hallo...sorry.....(TOO LATE LAA MACHA!!)


Moral of the story is:
  1. Guys, please jangan kantoi on air that you are having an affair with another girl.
  2. Girls, please don't call the radio to check out your may feel humiliated and dissapointed later on.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

KL Outing

The plan sparked out several weeks ago...

Got postponed because everyone of us was too busy...

Almost got postponed again this week...

but hey, WE DID IT!!!!

Planned to go to KL Bird Park expecting the entrance fee is only RM5 max...

Guess what's the price is...







We all like..."MAHALNYE!!!!!!"

Luckily Orchid Garden just across the street...and its just RM1...

fuhhhh...saviour~~(middle of the month mana de duit maa...)

We spend there shooting for almost 2hours....

Badan very wet because the weather very hot....

Planned to go for street shot around city center (BB or Petaling Street).

The rain lead us only to Sungei Wang Plaza then lepak at Secret Recipe. time we hang out lagi k???


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I want a DSLR....

DSLR is always been my dream.. I want to have one...

Fasyan already bought one...

Put also bought one...

Ezyan has one...

Nabil also has one....

Haeqal has one...since long time ago....

Got tempted....

I can't resist my desire to have one too...

Browsing the net and always looking at my desired DSLR....

Couldn't be bored by staring at it....Although its inside the monitor....

I really want to have one....

Please somebody gimme 2K....NOW!!!!

i want Canon EOS 400D

p/s: i am thinking of doin some fundraising activity...what if i fake a letter than walk around mamaks for sumbangan....??sounds great huh???

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Last night aku g tgk movie cerita ANAK.

Filem yang baru release 21Feb lepas merupakan lakonan Erra Fazira, Ida Nerina dan Philip Jusuf (from indonesia).

Here i want to comment a lil'bit laa on the film.

  1. Memaparkan kisah generasi zaman sekarang yang sanggup melakukan ape sahaja utk mencapai cita².Utk filem ni, Kay (Ida Nerina) sanggup mengamalkan ilmu salah utk nampak cantik.
  2. Kes makan kawan juga ditunjukkan dimana Kay sanggup mengupah lelaki utk merogol Nita (erra fazira) sepupunya sendiri hingga mengandung dan mempengaruhi Nita utk menggugurkan kandungan tersebut (Kay perlukan janin utk amalan salahnye).
  3. Masih lagi terdapat golongan bomoh,dukun dan pawang dalam masyarakat kita.
  4. Good cinematografi, a unique approach to the technical side (hanya watak utama in fokus while the background sume kabur...sampai ke xtra pun kabur jugak..cian mereka tapi mcm berhasil r to attract audience.)
  5. Jalan cerita dileraikan terlalu awal menyebabkan penonton boleh mengagak hala tuju cerita tersebut (patutnye buat flashback during last part,bukan tgh² movie).

I can give 3.5 rating out of 5. FYI, cerita dia xdelaa takut sgt. Jangan Pandang Belakang still terbaik.... can't wait for Congkak plak....wooo~~~

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

have you guyz ever heard of the phrase??
Scientifically proven that less muscles moved when u smile rather when u frown.
resulting in less wrinkles and slower aging.
i appreciate person who make people laugh (by force or naturally).
last friday i was hanging out with pacek and azmah when azmah suggested to us to watch a clip.
i would like to share the clip with you all and congratulation to MarilahBerbaikbaik for a job well done in making this world a happy place!!!

ade byk lagi video kat sana...enjoy it to the most laaa frens~~~