Sunday, May 25, 2008

SMSS9903 Batch Logo

Tiba² tadi terfikir nak alter sket logo batch kita...
I noe it cannot be a ONE man decision je...
So i decided to ask others' opinion regarding this matter...
I'll show you the design and you can vote later on...
The basic design is still the same...
Just some alteration je...
I'll be more thankful if the original creator (Najib Baharu kot...) would give his opinion as well...
Bole ye kawan²???

This is the original design...just in case ade yang dah lupa..hehehe

Suggestion 1
Ade tambahan perkataan SMSS kat atas logo tuh...
Yelakan..nak gtau kita ni skola mane..hehehe
Sume org 9903 tp bukan sume SMSS..kan??

Suggestion 2
Yang ni nak kasik mencapub lebih....
Siap ade lencana lagik kat bawah tuh...Wakakaka....

Suggestion 3
Just consider the 2 suggestions kat atas tu....
Tapi kali ni kita tukar grey to green...
Bukan ape...kita xmo pinggirkan PENDEKAR...
Takot kecik ati je....

OK kawan²...
Tu laaa my suggestions...
As i said before, this is not ONE man decision
You all have to participate....
Ade 2 sets of poll kat bwh ni...
1st is on the design...
2nd is on the color...
You can choose to change the color and not the design, vice versa....
Have fun voting...
Let others know~~~

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bile Sudah Bosan

Bile bosan ape sy buat?
Pakai PPE
Daki plant yg setinggi 10 tingkat
Amek gambar n cakap dalam hati,
''Saya bakal engineer yg berjaya!''

Monday, May 19, 2008

Di Suatu Malam....

have u ever....

in the middle of the night...


nak kuar g mamak xde member....(malas sbnrnye)

mama dah tdo....

ape lagik.....

tiada lagi bnd yg mudah dimasak cepat dimakan

selain daripada

tq my saviour...

i can sleep soundly tonite~~~

langkah² menuju kekenyangan:
  1. pergi dapur.
  2. bukak almari.
  3. look for maggie (make sure blom expired)
  4. masukkan mi n perencah dlm mangkuk.
  5. pour hot water (seb baek ade dispenser)
  6. pecahkan telur.
  7. masukkan dlm microwave oven for 1 minit
  8. BALUNNN sampai kenyang.
  9. jangan lupa berus gigi lepas tu~~

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Handsome Voice

have you ever.....
me: hello p****
p : hello
me: i want to ask you questions laa
p : Ok
me: u just bought new HP rite??? an SE??
p : yes...
me: i just want to know how can i mobile blogging
p : wait...wait....who's this???
(i was shocked)
me: its Kong laaa
p : (burst out laughing) OMG...i tot it was somebody else
me: huh??? u dont have my phone number??
p : your voice sound so handsome....i tot it must be a very handsome person and you call me p**** not p**
i know i am not very handsome but i am handsome... muwahahahahahahaha!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fellowship of The Corals (Season 1)

sori for the delay guyz
i really dun have enuf time to update my recent visit to tioman island as i promised before
hwever today i will spend my time to tell you all about my experience there

everything started around a month before the real d-day
bai did offer us to use his dad's Berjaya Membership to stay in any places with Berjaya Hotel
i wasn't much into the planner of the trip
i let them decide all the plan then i just follow
at 1st, there were 7 of us
Bai,Anaz,Am,Azza,Farah,Putri and me
2weeks before departure, Putri bailed out
A day before departure, Am pulak bailed out
Thats leave just 5 of us
Just nice...1 car
Then, who's car???
Anaz's and Azza's are K- car (both drive Kelisa and Kancil)
My car wasn't fit enuf (aircond problem and tayar botak)
So at last we ride Blacky (a Proton Satria)

The journey to Mersing started as early as 4 am
Stopped at ayer keroh for subuh and refreshment
we continued journey at 615am and we reached Mersing around 945am
parked Blacky at a safe place (RM16 for 3 days, so cheap compared to Pangkor RM10 per day)
bought 1030am ferry ticket to Tioman (Rm70 pergi balik)
being told earlier that the food overthere goin to be mahal, we decided to buy some stock
Gardenia bread,kaya,tuna spread and ofcozla Maggi in Cup
at least safe sket duit maa...

azza dan farah mencari² makanan

Happy lepas shopping

ouh...dont forget about the Taman Laut Fee (every tourist need to pay RM5, its in the act)
1030am we boarded the ferry then it sailed at 1100 am (lama btl dia dock)

farah,azza and me sgt gembira di atas ferry

we arrived at kg tekek jetty after almost 2hrs sailing in the ferry
thank God the sea was very calm and the olengan was very minimum (i manage to nap after being a co-driver to Farah otw to Mersing)
just before docking, i was amazed by the color of the sea
its like blue, green or turquoise or the combination of all kot (very hard to explain)
i was mesmerized by it and i know i will have a great time here

pemandangan jeti kg tekek

a shuttle to Berjaya Resort has been waiting for us in-front
5km journey to Berjaya, the scenery was splendid
green hills on the left and very scenic blue sea on the right
so marvelous...complete combo!!!

on the shuttle to Berjaya Hotel

our hotel there..kira yang paling mewah laa kat tioman..hahaha

after we've checked-in, we had our budget lunch
we had tuna & kaya bread and maggi in cup
the bed was huge, KING size
just imagine anaz bai and i can sleep comfortably there (considering our size)...hahaha
dat evening, nothing much to do
kitorang testing air laut dia yang jernih tu....
its like WOW!!!!
can see the pasir at the bottom clearly....

bai, anaz (far behind) and farah looked ceria...xsabar nak mandila tuh

gambar lompat 1st at tioman...shot wajib!!

bai sedang basah (^_^)v

my award winning picture (UEME Photocontest 1st place)

we all stayed there until senja
sempat lagi dip kat swimming pool pulak
for dinner, we decided to have it outside the hotel (buffet mahal, RM70 per head)
walaupun the thai food pun price dia xtra gak sket, its better laa dari bazir mkn kat hotel
we booked the boat for tomorrow's activity
RM350 for 1 private boat that will bring us to 6 places
we get off to bed around 12 that night and cant wait for tomorrow

p/s: i will tell u bout snorkeling in my next post~~