Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saya Confuse...

There is a saying,

"Don't Judge the Book by it's Cover"

There is also a saying,

"First impression is always important"

These two are totally contradict statements

I'm confuse....


moroka said...

Evaluate based on situation/condition because I don't think one saying fit for all conditions. Just my 2 cents :p

blackunwhite said...

I have to agree with moroka. it really boils down to the situation. when i hear the saying about the first impression being important, i straight away think about how we portray ourselves attitude wise. and the other saying is more like how ur looked at physically. makes any sense? :)

eskep said...

there are great differences between 'judge by its cover' AND 'first impression'.

menghukum adalah bilamana kamu melihat sesuatu tanpa faham dan mengenali isi dalam secara metafizik. judge ini akan melawati batas keyakinan sehingga kamu berani meletakkan justifikasi terhadap sesuatu.

tanggapan pertama adalah rasa. ia kekal abstrak dalam diri. tidak membawa kepada justifikasi.