Saturday, November 6, 2010

It was not just An Ordinary Day

Hey guys

It has been a while since I write in this blog

Lately I was concentrating on my photoblog, Snapsys

So not fair eh?

Sorry Beautifool Life!

Did you guys still remembered in this post I said 10.10.10 was just "another day" for me?

Well, it happened that it was not just "another day" for me, a day that I will remember forever and ever

Listen to the clip below to get a brief idea of what happened on 10.10.10



I was not alone though, AZMAH was with me and she was the one that's very confident that we were on the correct road

Ironically, we were a regular visitor to the house where we know the road by heart and we just didn't bother to double check

The result...a moment that we will never forget ever and ever!!!

To Mamai's sister and her husband, SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU

p.s.: Yang kat atas kerusi tu belum kahwin lagi tau!

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