Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jalur Gemilang

I don't usually ramble about politics but the recent development in this country really irks me. It doesn't mean that I just don't care about politics before but I just let it plays by ears and let me make my own judgement.

It has gone viral on the social network about an MP insulting the Jalur Gemilang (YES, that same MP who condemned Dato' Lee Chong Wei when he lost to Lin Dan in the Olympic Final). It is quite interesting when he call our national flag is of low-class or not classy (it's the same thing I guess). What do you mean by "not classy"? Was it lack of complex geometry or was it only straight lines? I thought the 14-point star was difficult enough to draw (remembering the art class during school). Or maybe you haven't drawn the flag before because you were busy drawing flags of others?

Whatever it is, making such remarks on the auspicious day of the nation is such a disgrace to you, your families and even the people who is close to you. You should feel ashamed and make a public apology for such remarks. So, what's next? Telling the whole world that "Negaraku" is too slow and too boring so that it is not worth singing? I personally feel proud every time I sing the National Anthem and even more proud if I heard it being played in other country.

Respecting the Jalur Gemilang

It is definitely your choice to hate the country's leader but it is wrong to hate your country or your country's National Flag. If that's the case, please surrender your citizenship and be a citizen of a country with a flag that you like. We don't need you here.

A wish to all Malaysian
p/s: YOU SUCKS...YES, its YOU, who insulted the Jalur Gemilang!

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