Monday, April 7, 2008

Bring it ON!!! again....

pheww...patutlaa org ckp berhutang memakan diri...hahahaha..

this is for putri norhidayah from Hmmm...

pretty simple i think yet fun...

i'm ready...BRING IT ON!!!!

INSTRUCTIONS - You guys kena menjawab soalan- soalan yang telah pun disediakan. Tetapi here’s the twist - You’ve got to answer the questions sambil mendengar lagu di Winamp or any music players, with list of your favorite songs in random / shuffle mode. And to make things even interesting, the questions are to be answered based on the songs you are currently listening to - like for each new question, you gotta hit “NEXT” on your player and see what song comes up next, and from there, you gotta answer the questions and the answer gotta be berdasarkan atau berkaitan dengan that particular song.

Basically, answer the darn question based on ur playlist. Press the next button on your playlist everytime you answer a new question.

1- If Someone Say “Is This Ok?”, You Say?
I Belong To Me - Jessica Simpson
or in the other word..i dun mind!!!

2- What Would Best Describe Your Best Personality?
Hari Ini dan Semalam - 6ixth Sense
Yesterday-me maybe different from today-me and tomorrow-me. Bear with it...

3- What Do You Like In A Guy / Girl?
Hey Mickey - Mics
I like mickey mouse...

4- How Do You Feel Today?
That's Why - MLTR
I dont know how i feel.That's why...

5- What Is Your Life Purpose?
Beautifool - OAG
Life is not beautiful when everything is beautiful...btol x???
We need colors...

6- What Is You Motto?
When I Fall in Love - Celine Dion & Josh Groban
(o_O)? huh...??

7- What Do Your Friends Think About You?
Greed for Your Love - Missy Higgins
Auwww....everyone need my love eh??come..come...

8- What Do You Think About Your Parents?
Perfect Time of Day - Howie Day

9- What Do You Think About Very Often?
Read My Mind - The Killers it and guess it...

10- What Do You Think About Bestie?
Clumsy - Fergie
Sorry my besties..are u clumsy???hahaha...
p/s:besties is bestfriend laa fasyan...(if u don't know)

11- What Do You Think Of The Person You Like?
Stay Close Don't Go -Secondhand Serenade
Yeah...always be by my side and i'll try my best to be the same... (mode jiwang)

12- What’s Your Life Story?
Do You Think I'm Sexy - Paris Hilton
What say you people???maybe i need to exercise a lot...kan??

13- What Do You Want To Be When Grow Up?
Anytime - Brian McKnight

14- What Do You Think When You See The Person You Like?
Time - Sarah McLahan

15- What Do Your Parents Think Of You?
Cinta Adalah Misteri - Dewa

16- What Will You Dance To At Your Wedding?
The Chemistry - Butterfingers
giler ROCK!!!

17- What’s Your Hobby / Interest?
The Words We Say - Straylight Run
I like to talk....hahaha...whoever got bored, SCREW YOU!!

18- What’s Your Biggest Fear?
Sing - Vega4
It make me shaking!!!brrrrr~~

19- What’s Your Biggest Secret?
One Love - Blue love~~

20- What Do You Think About The Person Who Started This Tag?
Touch My Body - Nina Sky feat. Sean Paul
I hope you are a girl...plzzz~~

21- What Do You Think About The Person Who Tagged You To Do This Entry?
New Kid in Town - The Eagles
R u new put???I dun think so~~

Wahlawei...pjg sungguh tag neh.. letih.. ZZzzzzzZzZ


Si Putri said...

12- What’s Your Life Story?
Do You Think I'm Sexy - Paris Hilton


geli weh!


::Fariz Kongz:: said...

r u geli or r u jeles??? hahaha