Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd Day of Puasa

It has been 3 days now....

Alhamdulillah i am still fit and strong to fast in during this auspicious Ramadhan.

Roughly 27 more days to go....

Hope to loose some weight during this fasting month (or mybe gain some...i hope not)

I dream to be in a good shape for Raya...hahahahahaha (help me my friend)

It still not too late for me to wish:



MeeRa said...

uih...baru tige ari pose..dh pikir nak kurus..isk2

aku konfem...ko mesti makin berisi pas puase nie..kenape??

sbb..ko tk penah kurus..kih2..
(kejis tol)


Jazlin Ernida said...

happy fasting, kong.

semoga kurus. hee.