Saturday, September 27, 2008

SMSS9903@Seoul Garden, Bangsar

we had fun today...
thanx to anep for organizing the buka puasa event...
tq all for coming...
some need to bail out at the last minute due to other commitment...
thanx again

  1. anifi
  2. amir
  3. mcmau
  4. acap dinie
  5. acap radzi
  6. din ishak
  7. neq
  8. syakirin
  9. pojan
  10. izaak
  11. wakleng
  12. juwe
  13. syahir radzi (9802)
  14. nadek
  15. zuret
  16. mieza
  17. azra
  18. chepa
  19. moon
  20. ain samseng
  21. yana
  22. copot
some of the pictures during the berbuka puasa...
didnt bring my cammy nor my mom's...both flat batery...deng!

before berbuka time...preparing the meal

neq n acap called cooking~

your time starts now...!

boiled or grilled sir???

nadek n amiza...both are happy!! (pose ke x ekh??)

To contact Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai Bangsar
HP: 0126097385
Tel: 0322831888

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