Monday, March 30, 2009

Where We Were Makes Who We Are Now...

I have been writting this post for quite some times

Was trying to complete it and waiting for the right time to publish it

It is quite long

Have fun reading it

It is a point to ponder....


have u ever thought of being at the right place at the right time

and of course it opened up for other oppurtunities??

thinking back, it happened a lot to me...

coincidence some might say

but i think its fate

i strongly believe that everything happen for a reason

you will realize it sooner or later

back to my story on being at the right place at the right time

story 1:
it will bring us back around 16 years ago

when i was in my early primary school, i was a proud student of a school in Subang Jaya

yes my friends...Subang Jaya

so-called high class, high socialites place...(with a lot of traffic jams...urghhh!!)

i studied there for 2 years...

for some reasons, i transfered to a school in Klang

it was not remote, it was just rural or i might say that it was not in the city like SK Seafield or SK Seksyen 9 Shah Alam...

just a normal rural school but still among the best in the district of Klang

Alhamdulillah i did well in my UPSR

being a normal adventerous boy, they would really going to apply for MRSM or SBP

but me, being a manja boy i just couldn't be bothered to apply

i'd rather stay at home

i was just afraid to be away from home

back then, there were some quota given by the MOE for the rural schools

in short, the school got to apply the place for you

and voila, i got the offer to SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS SELANGOR

conclusion 1:
if i wasn't studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan Telok Pulai, i wouldn't be in SMSS because i just couldnt be bothered to apply

Story 2:
the story will bring back the most memorable moments in my life:

the life in Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor aka SMSS

i've stated in my earlier post that i don't really want to go to SMSS

yeah...i was really reluctant to go

i've heard a lot of stories about the freshies being bullied

being asked to do do that...

i told myself that i wanted to stay there for only a year

however, things got more fun and more fun

i got the chance to learn french (the school assigned me to the class)

apparently i was quite good at it (passed up to the 3rd paper)

i got the chance to be in the brass band (lead the band for a year as the drum-major)

to be in the theater team (national level...i was 14 that time)

being the president for several clubs (gila kuasa bole tahan)

to be involve with koperasi sekolah ( i love it so much)

was appointed as headboy during my senior year (taken into account that i was demoted from the prefectorial board during my f4 year)

and of course...bunch of awesome friends (those that i consider as my own brothers and sisters)

we get along well until now...

i got nothing to loose when i decided to stay in SMSS after my 1st year

just imagine if i did quit from SMSS and got back to shah alam and continue my studies there...

would it be like now??

i mean...would my friends would be like my friends now

conclusion 2:
if i quitted SMSS, life would be diferent today...SMSS was my best ever memories...memories that cherish my much!!!

Story 3:
Since high school, i am considering to be only these two:

2. Chemical Engineer

with the 1st choice as my top priority

biology was my favourite subject in school

however, I got a better grade for physics in SPM

this resulting me to be enrolled in Physical Science stream for my matriculation


there goes my chance to be a biotechnologies

since I was too lazy to make any appeal to change my course, I just let it be

I positively think that things must happen for reasons

and yet I was correct

it does give me a chance to pursue my study in UTP

in chemical engineering....


now that I am in UTP

graduation is just around the corner

what is next???

it has been smooth all this while Alhamdulillah...

I hope it will still be...


HARITH said...

perghh..but u shuld appealed for the biotech..chemical engineering in UTP waayyyyyyyyy bit too unrealllll compare to other courses..hahaha

Anonymous said...

love this entry!


amy azhar said...

awhhh ab.

sweeeeeeeet post lah!
mari mari balik kita bawak eela jalan jalan :D

Anonymous said...

kekeke...byk kebetulan yg akhirnye membawa kepada kebahagian? :p
oh my...

::Fariz Kongz:: said...

hehe...the point is, everything happens for reasons...mesti ada hikmahnye....not now myb later~