Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lepas Snap...Kita Suka...Lepas tu???

I LOVE taking photographs

Although I don't have my own so-called DSLR what so ever... I still managed to capture some decent pictures

It's been a while since I went for a Photography Trip

Its fun and a very good way to learn more on photography

To get to know people, the gears, techniques, etc.

Voila...I think its time for me to choose some pictures that I LOVE the most

This is solely my personal opinion just in case you did not agree with my choices

#1 Senja: Tasik UTP

I think this is my most favourite picture EVER

It just happened that I was at the right place, at a right time and with a camera of course

The sky was so awesome beyond anything that I've seen before

No doubt, this is my numero UNO!!!

#2 Sun Going Down

This was taken only using my Sony k770i, the mobile phone

YES, we don't need a big great camera for a good picture

It's more on your composition and creativity

However, a better camera will have a better function that will help you with your composition

Why I like this one?

The sun behind the grass create a feel that is undescribable

It just so GORGEOUS (exegerating..hahaha)

#3 After the Rain

This was taken years ago at my nenek's kampung in Dusun Tua Hulu Langat

I love this picture because it gives me the FRESH feeling just by looking at the water droplets


#4 Another Senja: V5

If i'm not mistaken, this was captured using Fasyan's

It was raining heavily around 5pm that day

And the result was a LOVELY formation of clouds reflecting the sun thus creating this GREAT sky picture

#5 Light Trail at Putrajaya

This was taken during my earliest outing with other photo enthusiast

I like this picture because of the trail created by a car that was trying to park along the road

Thus creating a bending trail just like what we can see in the picture


What do you think of above pictures?

Any comment?? I appreciate that...

p/s: more pictures at my flickr here


The A said...

I was expecting something.. nude, sexy and eye popping images.haha!

::Fariz Kongz:: said... usual...wakakaka!

blackunwhite said...

i think theyre amazing. wish i could take pics like that :)

LyNzI said...

i love ur no 2 pic!! pki hp pon tetap cun!! i lyke it!:P

kaklong said...

cantik sangat! this is who people call as a good photographer. amazing pictures come from the photographer, not the camera! (camera membantu sahaje..) hehe

The Rhymeweaver said...

pakai kamera phone je? nice :)