Friday, October 2, 2009

Traffic Jam??!!!

Tak sangka, dah melangkau angka 200 rupanya

Tahniah diri ini kerana agak rajin meng"update"kan blog ni

Back to business.....

photo taken from flickr, aldask

Working in a BIG city like KL and trying to avoid traffic jam?

Not going to happen forever!!!yes...FOREVER

I think I will spend almost 2 hours everyday facing the traffic jams

almost 10 hours a week do the maths

traffic jams, I believe adds unnecessary stress to your life

More stress = shorter lifespan...hahaha

That's why city guy has shorter life span (smoking..alcohol...jams...etc...)

Unless they move to a more urban area when they reach their 40s (hope they are still alive by then..haha)

Thanks to Marconi (betul ke?), there's a thing called RADIO these days

Peneman hati pengarang jantung bak kata orang Melayu

Thanks to JJ and Ean from for spicing up my morning

Without you guys, I believe they will be more heart attack and stroke cases in KL

Everytime you stuck in the traffic jam:

1) Try to free and ease your mind
2) Control your anger
3) Stay awake
4) Listen to the music and sing along
5) Drive safely

Tommorow is SABTU, no morning jams for 2 days...YEAY!!!

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