Sunday, June 3, 2007

::Happy Birthday To Me::

"Happy Birthday To You"....

well, i might say "happy birthday to me" kot... yesterday, 2nd june 2007 was my 21st birthday. yup..i am 21 year-old folk already. to many people, being a 21er means a lot. oo yeah, know why??? 21 is the magic age where your will have access to everything. you can enter clubs legally, having "bottom up" legally, to gamble legally, tho have access to any "websites" legally and one of the most important thing in my country is u are eligible to take part in the General Election (i can't wait to register with SPR..huhuhu).

well, to be 1 year older i might also hope to be 1 year wiser. more rationale in making decisions and more cautious in venturing into things. voila... bye² 20 year-old and welcome 21 year-old.

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