Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Durian Party!!!

Aunt Roslina from Keramat was kind enough to invite us for a Durian Party

The timing was so great as I was craving for DURIAN since a month ago i guess

Durian party was not just eating durian

Being Kelantanese, the famous Nasi Berlauk Daging must be there

It was delicious!!! (Thanks Aunt Ani)

With more local favourites such as Satay on the table, the party was even more awesome

Not to forget, Fried Penne from Mama as specially requested by my cousin

As planned earlier, the intention is to make Lempuk Durian

Lempuk durian is just like dodol

There is no much different with dodol durian except Lempuk is solely durian

Its not an easy job and whole lot of things need to be done beforehand

Such as, peeling the durian, separating the durian from its biji

Cooking the lempuk is even more tiring work

It need to be cooked for at least 4 hours

Hahaha....GILER kan??

Nama pun parti durian, kenalaa banyak durian kan?

Mama & Aunt Ani separating the durian from its biji

Me, cooking lempuk(the smile was a fake, I struggled to kacau the durian)

Me, controlling the heat (notice the periuk has changed to a bigger one)

Me and cousin (Farhan) enjoying our work

Too much eating durian resulting in the Durian Burp

I taste Durian everytime...

And I love it!!!


busyra said...

senyuman tak ikhlas giler ms kacau lempuk..

Jazlin Ernida said...

haha betul betul.

aaaa tiba tiba teringin lempuk!