Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is my 1st time watching football live at the Stadium

I can guarantee you, the atmosphere is DAMN different

The vibe is just extraordinary

Watching a BIG team in the world versus your own national team make you really just want to enjoy the match

And I seriously enjoyed it...VERY MUCH!!!

Let the pictures speak by themselves

ManUtd Asia Tour 2009 - Opening match in Malaysia

This guy thought he's in ROME

I just love the words written on your back mister

Jali, thanks a lot....
macam g perhimpunan BERSIH je gaya aku...damn~

Great sliding tackle on Nani

Berbatov's shot followed by the opening goal by Rooney

The 2nd goal by Nani

Dah goal, celebrate laaa...

After the game has finished, MU kena bambu ngan Sir Alex...kidding~

The Red Devil

Siapa kata Malaysia tak BOLEH???

Final Result, Malaysia XI 2 - MUFC 3

ps: Tak sempat nak snap goal2 Malaysia, terpegun sgt time goal tu....serius~
pps: Anyone going for the rematch this Monday???I'm not...hahaha


Suhaili said...

ouh aku kenal jali...
hahaha :D

::Fariz Kongz:: said...

ahaa??dimana itu kaksu?

The Rhymeweaver said...

ada rematch ke? kong pesal ko x pakai jersi malaysia ahahaha

mInImOy said...

oh.hari sabtu tu mmg best!

siap jerit2 lagi. mmg semangat giler ah tgk.

(waiting for the next AsiaTour)

Suhaili said...

di mana lg..itu mamat petrosains :D